Strategija ir orientaciniai rodikliai

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strategija ir orientaciniai rodikliai

College ; strategy ; expression Abstract [eng] The activity origin of the colleges, as of non-university high schools, was validated by High education legislation in year Goals of the colleges, defined in the legislation, orient that kind of high schools towards qualitative development, being competitive and correspond to raised requirements.

The strategic development of education organization means fundamental qualitative alternation.

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Objective of the research — the expression peculiarities of the college development strategy. Goal of the research — to identify the expression peculiarities of the college development strategy from a viewpoint of administration personnel and lecturers.

To achieve the goal of the research the following methods were used: theoretical the analysis of the literatureempirical the questionnaire survey, the analysis of the data and statistical the strategija ir orientaciniai rodikliai of the data in Excel application.

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The questionnaire consists торговля кросс курсами на форекс по опционам two blocks: demographic — social 12 questions strategija ir orientaciniai rodikliai diagnostic 8 questions. The results nauja pamm sąskaita empirical research enable to highlight the trend, that college plans and implements integrated expansion strategy.

The systematic format is appropriate for college strategic development.

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The college strategic development complexity is also justified by activity results and dynamics of the results.

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