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Kaunas : Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas. ISSN This research aims to analyse the effect of CKM c.

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Gln45Ter, rs gene polymorphisms on physical capacities of Lithuanian elite athletes. Physical anthropometric measurements variantų specifika, weight, muscle mass and fat mass, body mass index BMI and indices of functional capacity variantų specifika muscle strength based on right and left hands grip strength, short-term explosive muscle power STEMPanaerobic alactic muscle power AAMP and aerobic capacity based on maximum oxygen uptake VO2max were determined for athletes.

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For molecular genetic variantų specifika, DNA was extracted from blood leukocytes using standard phenolchloroform method. Two different strategies were used for CKM and AMPD1 polymorphisms genotyping: CKM polymorphism genotyping was performedby allelic discrimination technology based real-time polymerase chain reaction and AMPD1 variantų specifika — by restriction fragment length polymorphism method.

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However, significant differences were found when sport groups were further divided according to gender. Analysis of different phenotypic indices among Lithuanian elite athletes points out to specific physical adaptations that occurs in different specialty athletes.

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CKM c. Our study approves the opinion of many sports and genetic scientists that sprint variantų specifika power qualities are more effected by inheritance than the endurance qualities.

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Published Kaunas : Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas, Type.

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